We are here to present the next generation of modern thought and philosophical reasoning. We commit to utilizing current technology and social media to contribute and share our ideas within the community. We arose as a protest against the inhumanity of unregulated raw capitalism and promote the enlightened form of freedom.  Our goal is to enlist fact-based principles to promote the progressive agenda and resist reactionary ideology.

Path to Global Democracy

demöso is not just a principle that is confined to the political, societal, and economical happenings of the United States; but rather a globalized world in which the well-being and equity of every person is of dire importance. In doing so, we draw from many diverse perspectives and backgrounds to compile a cosmopolitan world view that encompasses spiritual, scientific, and philosophical understanding.

In the contemporary age of global governance it is important for us to deal with major domestic, foreign, and multilateral issues. According to the Levin Institute:

Globalization is the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe? Or is it the dominance of developed countries in decision-making, at the expense of poorer, less powerful nations? Is globalization a force for economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom? Or is it a force for environmental devastation, exploitation of the developing world, and suppression of human rights? Does globalization only benefit the rich or can the poor take advantage of it to improve their well-being?

Globalization is comprised of matters in trade, health, environment, energy, human rights, development, technology, and culture. The objectives of demöso is to execute equitable methods of navigating through the modern large-scale integration of world economies and cultures. By means of political interaction with transnational figures aimed at solving problems that may affect more than one region of our globe.

Prosperity and Justice

It is important to understand that the goals of demöso are primarily driven by the means of popular sovereignty — of the people — or democracy. In that, every human being (despite race, culture, heritage, religion, gender, or origin) is deserving of universal and unalienable rights.  These rights have only been realized within limited means amongst several developed states. In contrast, lesser developed nations are still combating the balance between social justice and economic prosperity.We must also understand that global governance is inefficient, in and of itself, to meet the proper means to human prosperity. 

Global governance is not world government, and even less democratic globalization. In fact, global governance would not be necessary, were there a world government. Domestic governments have monopolies on the use of force—the power of enforcement. Global governance refers to the political interaction that is required to solve problems that affect more than one state or region when there is no power to enforce compliance. Problems arise, and networks of actors are constructed to deal with them in the absence of an international analogue to a domestic government.

In resisting reactionary and irrational ideologies, we attempt to utilize reasoning and logic with scientific, spiritual, and philosophical discovery and understanding; to further the progressive agenda in an effort to encapsulate social justice with human prosperity. demöso seeks to profoundly analyze current events and world news.

This website was launched in the summer of 2011 and it gives us the opportunity to reach a broad and growing audience. We also strive to present a wide array of voices involved in today’s struggles and to enlist today’s political questions, from the U.S. and abroad. If you want to get in touch with us–to send a report about a struggle you’re involved in or a political event that needs to be covered, to voice a disagreement with something you’ve read, or to make a suggestion about the Web site — Please email us and feel free to inquire or contribute.