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Nuclear as a Deterrence Or Unjustified Power?

The Nuclear Bomb Peace Sign

Deterrence for war?

The application of nuclear armaments is a strongly contested topic in foreign and domestic affairs. There are many arguments challenging the utilization and proliferation of atomic weapons. In contemporary times there have been broad shades of support and protest against certain powers possessing atomic weapons. Historically, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have been only used once and despite the global propagation of atomic weapons there have been no world wars since the 1940s. Some have arrived at the conclusion that the initial use of WMDs by the United States against the belligerent state of Japan was the best possible option for national defense.
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A more progessive solution to the Jobs Crisis?

Unemployment Lines

Unemployment Lines at Career Fairs

A strong criticism of President Barack Obama from liberals and conservatives is that his policies have not been very effective at reducing the unemployment rate in the United States. The President, along with Congress, is suffering from very low approval ratings from the general public. While Wall Street is doing very well, main street continues to suffer amid the housing crisis. The opposition party is amassing their political strategy to challenge the incumbent President in 2012. What other economic policies does the President currently have at his disposal? Well, one solution, as supported by progressives is the Humphrey-Hawkins Act or HR 870. This act is a comprehensive jobs bill similar to the legislation proposed during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration (during the Great Depression). The following is a quoted summary outlining the proposed bill that would benefit taxpaying Americans:

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